Recommendations for Weight Control in Pandemic

6 Oca 2021 Covid-19, Diyet

Recommendations for Weight Control in Pandemic
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the people were closed to homes to ensure social isolation. This social isolation, which we are not used to and which is not very suitable for human nature; It can lead to emotional eating behavior, with the desire to fill leisure time, to cope with negative emotions and to feel good. Being bored of being at home and prolonging desk hours at home; It can cause an increase in the consumption of snacks that can be reached easily and unwittingly, decrease our daily physical activities and thus weight gain. The stress experienced due to the health concern brought about by the pandemic also aggravates the situation.
So what should we do to deal with this situation?
Transition to this new order, which you are not used to from the normal order you have been living in for years, is not an easily accepted situation. So there is nothing more natural than getting confused. You are not alone in this. Many people like you are unhappy at home, bored, and try to comfort themselves by eating. Accepting the situation, normalizing it and planning for these large times at home would be a good step to stop an obesity problem that will become more intense in the future.
● What should I plan?
– Keep your sleep hours adequate, sleeping too little or too much increases anxiety, which triggers your emotional eating behavior.
– Do not neglect to have breakfast, maintaining the hunger you experience during your sleep even after you wake up may cause you to be unable to control the amount of consumption and speed during eating.
– Take snacks.
– Plan your daily meal times.
– Do not neglect to consume fruits, vegetables and water. They will help maintain your body’s water and mineral balance, adequate fiber intake, and regular functioning of your intestines.
– Establish an exercise routine. This will help you feel better both physiologically and psychologically. It will increase your daily energy expenditure and improve our circulatory system and cardiovascular health.
Being aware of emotional hunger is also an important step that will facilitate our weight control. Especially due to stress, we seek nutrients that will provide us with rapid relief. These are mostly calorie-dense and unhealthy snacks such as sugary foods, chocolates, biscuits. When you feel like eating something, ask yourself this question. “Am I really hungry?” Review your previous meal, meal time and what you ate. Keeping a nutrition diary is an application that will make things easier to do this check. Being aware of why you want to eat will focus you on the real solution of the problem and avoid excessive calorie intake. Avoiding excess energy intake will be a good measure to prevent weight gain in this process.

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